A man who married his wife while he was blind has demanded a divorce from his ‘ugly’ wife after a successful surgery that helped him regain his sight.

The man who was blind when he got married now claims his wife who claims she borrowed money from her company to finance the surgery that helped him regain his eyesight is “ugly” and for this reason, he will want a divorce so he could go after the many beautiful women he sees.

The heartbroken wife seeking advice on what to do to her husband wrote;

“My name is Cynthia, I’m 36 years old and I got married to this man who I love not because of his money (we’re not rich though but we’re contented with what we have) but I love because I chose him from my heart. Although his parents begged me into marrying him but I still gave him love.To cut all stories short, I married him a blind man and since then, due to the love I have for him I’ve been running helter-skelter to find a solution to his blindness. Two years later we finally did an operation for him and God gave him back his sight. This money I used was the one I borrowed from my company.


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