Cameroon – According to the first-hand information obtained from sources still in shock, the scene took place about 2 hours ago, at Government high school of nkolbisson in Cameroon.

Student stabs teacher to death

A mathematics teacher was teaching peacefully until he got the attention of a student who seems to be clearly distracted. Getting closer to the student, the teacher finds that he is rather focused on the keyboard of his mobile phone.

Angrily, the teacher orders the student to give him the said phone, which is in accordance with the rules of the institution on the possession and use of mobile phones in schools.

The student refused to obey, despite the multiple orders given by the teacher.

Frustrated by the student’s attitude, the teacher tried to seize the phone. An attempt to which the teacher faced a clearly violent and fierce resistance. The student in the image below used an object identified as a knife, to commit the irreparable act.

Blood Bath. Chaos in the classroom: Cries, pushing, etc. Colleagues are running. The teacher lossing a lot of blood… and gave up the ghost just before arriving the teaching University Hospital of Yaoundé (CHU)


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