A Kenyan man surprised authorities after being caught feasting on a rare chapati made of cannabis flour. This is an indirect consumption of the drug.

Many smoke or eat a famous cookie also made from the cannabis flour. Marijuana, which is deemed illegal by the Kenyan government, has realized a significant growth of users among youths.

weed cookie

Marijuana users in the country have been crusading for its legalization. The late Kibra MP Ken Okoth had tabled a bill in parliament citing medicinal values of the drug. He alleged that the drug could;

  • reduce Dravet seizure
  • help with relaxation
  • suppress pain from nerve damage
  • reduce the risk of nerve damage
  • kill breast cancer cells
  • stimulates bone growth

Several countries have allowed the use of marijuana in the medical front. Specific states in the US have adopted the drug as an anesthetic during surgeries. The dreaded drug is also freely used in some parts of the superpower nation. A recent analysis found that the sale of the golden drug in a US border had risen by a whopping 420%.

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