The Youth and Society has called for the resignation of Thom Mpinganjra as Board chair of the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi in the wake of his recent arrest over the alleged judge bribery attempts.

Mpinganjira, whose warrant of arrest by the Anti Corruption Bureau has since been cancelled and now awaits a judicial review, heads the electricity utility body as board chair.

According to YAS Executive Director, Charles Kajoloweka Mpinganjira’s alleged involvement in an attempt to bribe constitutional court judges presiding over the elections disputes case is reason enough for him to resign from the public office.

Kajoloweka argues that, at the moment, Mpinganjra has lost the trust of Malawians hence the need to resign until the time a competent court of law clears him.

“We can’t keep him in that office. He doesn’t have morals to hold that office. We have also asked the international community to impose sanctions on him. This will help the nation break organised crime,” said Kajoloweka.

The grouping has since condemned of the conduct of the Zomba magistrate court to order the cancellation of Mpinganjira’s arrest.

The grouping says it views the move as a ploy to disrupt justice and has urged the Chief Justice to institute an investigation on the conduct of one of their own.

Today, it is expected that the high court will make known of its review on the cancellation of arrest.

This followed the Judiciary’s description of the Zomba order as having annomalies.

The ACB on Thursday moved to have the arrest order valid but says they will wait for the review.

Credit: MIJ Online

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