Uganda’s foreign affairs minister Henry Okello Oryem has said poor roads in the country are part of the tourism experience since tourists from affluent nations would be enthralled to pull out a car from a ditch.

Oryem was appearing before Parliament’s foreign affairs committee to respond to queries on whether or not poor roads occasioned by bad weather were the reason Uganda was receiving few tourists as compared to Kenya and Tanzania.

According to Uganda’s New Vision, the minister argued the poor roads were not a cause of concern because they were part of a thrilling tourist experience.

“Though a bad road can be a source of complaining for us, people in affluent societies pushing a car from a ditch can be part of tourism experience,” Oryem was quoted saying.

His remarks sparked an uproar on social media with a section of Ugandans questioning the logic behind the minister’s argument.

The minister, however, later clarified that he made the remarks light-heartedly.

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