A Nigerian university student, Eniobong aged 21 from Akwa Ibom state is destroyed, afraid of getting STDS and unwanted pregnancy due to how she sleeps with any and every man that comes her way.

According to her, it all started when she was in the secondary school when they used to play and she has slept with all the guys in her Street, different men and now the lecturers in the university.

She said she feels like killing herself because she is frustrated , tired of praying and really needs help now.

Full article below;

My name is Eniobong from Akwa Ibom state, am a 200l student at University of Uyo . When I was a teenager still in secondary School, we do play we each other in school both the male and the female because it was a mixed school.

After school we do go to each other house to study, watch movies and have fun. At a time we started feeling the urge so we started having intercourse with each other and no one to advise or control our activities then because as teenagers we were vulnerable.

This has made me that any man that I encounter will always sleep with me . I have slept with almost all the guys in my street, different men and now my lecturers in the school. In most cases, they are not the ones that come to me, I always go to them. This is because of how often we did back in secondary School.

So am totally destroyed, am afraid of STDs and fear of unwanted pregnancy . I don’t know how to stop it of course I have tried praying now I really need your help because am frustrated . I feel killing myself.
I need help.

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