A man who won over $700 thousand USD through soccer betting spent some of his money to buy houses rented by his former bosses and gave them 24 hour notices to vacate.

The winner Timothy M’cusiano said he did what he did just to make his bosses feel pain claiming they gave him a hard time when he was a poor man.

“I just want them to feel how it is when people with money terrorise you. They were bad bosses. I am rich now and I can do more than they did so I want them out of these houses,” he said.

Timothy also said he is still deciding what to do with husbands of his Ex-Girfriends, former rude teacher and anyone who gave him a hard time when he was poor.

“This money came at a right time. I will show and punish all my enemies. Some women left me for other men, am deciding what to do with their husbands,” he said.

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