Police in Zambia have arrested a 24 year old man for allegedly killing his wife and three children on Sunday morning.

Reports say Royd Mwango Kampamba of Kaole village “brutally killed his wife Prisca Mumbi” aged 25 while she and her children were asleep.

Ages of the children who have also been killed using an axe, are between 1 and 6, local Zambian Police say.

The wife was left with a cut and got smashed in the right side of the head with brain samples also reported to have come out, according to Police reports.

The suspect also smashed his 6 year old son, Daniel, in the right side of the head while his 4 year old daughter, Grace, was cut in the back of the head as his 1 year old Gabriel, was cut in the forehead.

Reports also say the suspect came from drinking when he killed his family between 01:00hrs and 03:00hrs.

After the act, he fled to his uncle to request for transport money so he could travel to Kapiri Mposhi but was questioned why.

He responded that he killed his family after a dispute even though neighbours say no noise was heard when the incident happened.

His uncle, Leo Nyasaland reported him to authorities where he admitted to carrying out the act.

A further investigation into the case reveals that his wife was secretly taking HIV medication (ARVs).

The bodies remain in Mpika Urban Clinic Mortuary awaiting postmortem as the search for the axe which is suspected to have been used is on.

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