Human rights activist cum politician Jessie Kabwila has pleaded not guilty to counts proposing violence and uttering words to prejudice of the Constitutional Court.

The State through Cecilia Zangazanga said they have submitted 90% of disclosures and were ready for trial having one witness who was already in the court.

Meanwhile, ruling for bail has been pended to tomorrow.

Zangazanga asked the court to further keep Kabwila in custody saying her charges are felony, she poses a threat to the nation & that keeping her in custody is to safeguard her life.

Meanwhile, the chief resident magistrate has adjourned the hearing of the case to a later day as the state has not been served full disclosures to the defense team.

However, lawyer for Kabwila, Khwima Mchizi, trashed the reasons for her continued being held in custody saying the state failed to provide proper details on what they meant in their withholding statements.

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