A Zimbabwean man Tapiwa Shumba has hanged himself after he found his wife having sex with another man on their matrimonial bed.

After saving the guy who had just had se_x with his wife, he found life so unjust and proceeded to commit suicide.

Out of disgrace his wife Precious Shumba also took her own life.

Tapiwa had left home for Masvingo and he was due back the following day but his plans changed as he returned at night to find his wife in bed with another man.

“On his return he knocked at the bedroom hut but Precious took long to open. He sensed something was amiss then broke down the door.

“When he got inside, he found his wife in the company of Zelas who out of panic tried to hang himself,” said one of the neighbours.

Shumba reportedly cut the rope which Zelas had tied on the roof before asking his wife why she was cheating on him.

“When she failed to explain what was happening, he just walked out of the hut leaving her alone since Zelas had also fled.

“Shumba was found hanging dead the following day and to everyone’s surprise, some villagers also found Precious hanging as well later during the day,” said the villager.

Shumba’s father Fanny Matambe said what the deceased did was not fair to the family, they should have found a better solution.

“The family is still shocked at why Tapiwa and his wife decided to take their lives.
“They should have solved the problem instead of what they did and now their children are orphans.”

Since the terrible incident, Zelas disappeared from the village and his whereabouts are unknown.

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