A 59-year-old woman from Hopkinsville Kentucky, surprised and shocked the audience and viewers when she revealed on Wendy Williams’ show that her virginity is still intact. she is still a virgin.

The revelation happens when she stood to ask a question during the Ask Wendy segment of the show and she left everybody gobsmacked.

Being a virgin at the age of 59, she affirms that she has never gone past kissing, never used intimacy gadgets, and she is not in a relationship at the moment. She said she grew up in a Christian home and believes in waiting till marriage, however, she is yet to be the right partner.

She told Wendy she wanted to know the best reply to give the people who tell her she is abnormal for that. But the expression on Wendy’s face showed that even Wendy thought that the woman was abnormal.

Wendy was speechless for a long time, but Yvette was unperturbed and kept smiling through it all.

Men this might be your luck 😉

Watch the video below…


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