Missing person found dead in Lake Malawi

Marine Police in Nkhata Bay on Sunday found a dead body of a missing person at Nkhata Bay Jetty, who dived into Lake Malawi and failed to resurface.

Nkhata Bay police spokesperson, Kondwani James told Mana Tuesday that Wisky Sande, 35, went missing on Saturday after doing piece work at Nkhata Bay Jetty.

“As usual on 18 January, the man was doing some errands at the jetty to gain his daily bread. After finishing his piece of work as part of relaxing and patting himself on the back he dived into the lake and submerged completely,” said James.

He said this startled experienced divers who went after him but could not trace him in the water.

James added that searching for the body of Sande resumed on Sunday whereby Marine Police and community members discovered him dead in the lake.

“He was partially eaten on the forehead by suspected aquatic animals,” he added.

Meanwhile Police in the district is advising people living near water bodies to always be cautious when going for swimming.

The body of Sande was taken to Nkhatabay District Hospital where postmortem revealed that he died due to suffocation, secondary to windpipe blockage.

Police is yet to establish more particulars about Sande, but other sources said he hailed from Salima.


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