A South African Reverend on Sunday collapsed and died during a sermon at the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Kuruman, Northern Cape.

Reverend Bassie Jackals was busy giving a powerful sermon when he suddenly sat down on a chair. Members of the reverend’s church clapped hands, thinking it was all part of the act.

However, a video which has been doing the rounds online shows the pastor falling to the ground. A couple of ladies rushed to his side to help Reverend Jackals.

Briefly.co.za learned it has been confirmed that Reverend Jackals had passed away.

One social media user, @Tshego_Sithole, posted the video online and expressed her condolences to the family and congregation of the reverend.

She wrote: “I pray that the family and congregants recover from this. #RIP Reverend Jackals. Indeed you have fought the good fight.”

Check Out the Video below sourced from YouTube

Previously, a story was reported of another South African pastor who suffered a heart attack while preaching. Despite having a heart attack, the religious leader continued to preach.

Rouvain Du Preez is the pastor at Christen Lewe Gemeente in Lichtenburg and he was only rushed to the hospital after the sermon.

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