In reality where “Living” two very different souls in one body sounds a bit unbelievable, which only can be seen in science fiction movies,a good example is a picture below:


But there is such an “example” in reality too, that is, a “conjoined twin” sister flower from Minnesota, USA. Abigail and Brittany are rare conjointed head twin in the world.


The twin had their own head, heart, stomach, lungs, esophagus and spine. But all organs below the waist are shared.

Such a conjoined individual has a very low probability of appearance and extremely low survival rate, but the sisters have already celebrated their 29th birthday, and they are very healthy which is a miracle.

They have very different personalities and hobbies, but the “two” need to cooperate with each other in order to do everything. Things like walking and eating require the two brains to synchronize.

After years of “compromising and concessions” they are highly acquainted with anything they currently do. They even learned to ride a bicycle, play volleyball, baseball, swim, drive, and play the piano.


Now that they have successfully graduated from college, they have also become a local elementary school teacher!

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