A South African man who was filmed walking naked with a female companion in Johannesburg at the weekend, and who claimed to be Jesus, has been admitted to hospital.

News24 reports that Gauteng police spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo told the publication that: “It is reported that the male is receiving treatment at Helen Joseph [Hospital] and the female was released into the care of her family.”

the couple was filmed naked walking in the streets

Masondo said no criminal case was opened by police.

A video circulated on social media at the weekend, showing a naked couple casually walking the streets of northern Johannesburg. A woman who filmed the incident confronts them from her car, asking whether they are following a religion.

The man responds: “I am Jesus. I need a lift to Northcliff so I can become the king. Are you going to become the first servant?”

The woman responds: “Oh my gosh!” as the man’s naked female companion steps into the view of the camera.

The man continues: “They told me the clothes are real and I’m born here, and I’m wearing this filth. This is my skin, but it’s small. Are we going to Northcliff?”

“No, I’m going this way,” the woman responds.

“Are you saying no to Jesus?,” the man says.

“Oh my gosh!” the woman exclaims again.

“Yes, he’s here. And Jesus is black, not white. Are you taking him to Northcliff? This is your last chance.”

“Jesus” then counts down from five to one, before the naked couple walks off.

Security company Beagle Watch spokesperson Anne Wood told News24 on Monday the company received a call from a member of the public on Sunday, presumably the woman who took the video. Wood said a patrol car was dispatched, but the couple had already left the area.

Masondo said a report will be issued as soon as police visited the man in hospital.

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