On 12th February 2020,the United Transformation Movement(UTM) had it’s “thank you rally” at Nkando in Mulanje District.

The auspicious occasion was graced by it’s vice president Dr Michael Usi,the Secretary General Hon Patricia Kaliati and many others.

Utm has been moving around countrywide,appreciating Malawians for their support and trust given to them during the election case and since their inception as a political party.

The ground was overwhelmingly parked with magnitudes of people wanting to hear the gospel of hope and a better tomorrow.

On behalf of Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima,the president of the party.Veep Usi thanked the people and told them to prepare and go to register to vote,as we are expected to vote again in 140 days time and he went further to ask any parliamentarian who want to join the party but fearing the parliament section 63 of crossing floor,he advised don’t be discouraged,nothing will affect and our doors are open.

The SG Kaliati gracefully welcomed 3,000 people from different political parties to UTM.She jubilantly said “This is your home,we believe in team spirit and we have no boundaries,Utm is for you and me,collectively we will develop Malawi”.

Most of the supporters were from constituencies of Mulanje Pasani,Mulanje South West,Mulanje West and others from independent candidates.

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