KALONGA – Many Business Operators and Citizens in Karonga are calling for a total flush- out operation of Chinese Nationals in the border District of Karonga.

These Business Operators have being angered by revelations that these Chinese nationals pretends to be chain stores operators yet they engage in illegal mining activities and cut deals with Mining Officials.

Its being revealed that last year the Ministry of Energy and Mines issued an Export Licence to a Chinese Company, HD Mining Company Limited whose registered address is Box 22 Karonga,Malawi to export Red Quartz which was undervalued at K34,000.00. These minerals left Malawi,through Kamuzu International Airport.

Confirming this development to Face of Malawi, Mr Wavisanga Silungwe,the Chairperson of the Karonga Business Community, a grouping of more than 21 Business Associations, said ..”

According to records at Karonga District Council, HD Mining Company Ltd does not exist, and therefore he concluded that it is a briefcase company,it does not exist in Karonga,..honestly from Chitimba to Songwe up the Hills down the Lake, you can’t point where this ghost company is extracting Red Quartz they have no legal Mining Site, meaning they do it illegally but export legally.

Mr Silungwe blamed Government weak policy saying of late we should come to accept that Malawi has been practically-economically been colonised by Chinese who have taken over almost all major projects and businesses.. he further cited from Construction to Mining to Government Tenders leaving indigenous Business Community crying foul.
On his part on a campaign to flush out Chinese Nationals, Silungwe said’ if its the consensus of the Majority Associations and the citizens of Karonga, he and his team will not hesitate but support such a noble move….he added that Karonga has Chinese so called Investor who are opening Bars,Clothe shops, selling chips, while their real intention is Mining..which can ably be done by Indigenous Malawians. Who gave them Business Permits to come to Karonga and sale Chips? Open Bars? Weak government, he lamented…He warned that all Minerals in Karonga are for the economic development of Karonga and Malawi as such they will not tolerate such illegal miners. Just the same way ,we told Government to inform Lotus Resources that the Head Office must be in Karonga, we ask Government that Karonga don’t need Chinese Miners, period.

Meanwhile these Business Operator’s have asked Ministry of Mines to come and show them the Mine, the HD Mining Company claim to operate or else, they will Demonstrate against presence of these unwelcome’Chinese Nationals in Karonga until all Chinese leave Karonga.

By staff correspondence

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Misso Chitsamba
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