Girl Stabs Misguided Father Who Defiled Her For 10 Years


A Nigerian 22-Years old Girl have allegedly stab her Father Adekoya Aderibegbe to death with a knife.

Damilola has been a victim of rape by her father for more than 10 years of her life.

She has been a traumatic experience for the young girl who her mother have left behind when she was 10 in Owode area of Ogun state.

Speaking with the police on why she stabs her own father, she said her mother left her father because of domestic violence, she labeled her father “An Animal in human form “ and says she never regrets her action at all.

Damilola said, her father is a beast who beats up her mother in the slightest mistake using belt or any instrument he found very close to him.

But her mom still loves her father and still stick to the marriage since it’s better for worse.

She continued that there came an unfortunate day her father brought home another woman into the house saying he just brought in a new wife and everyone should be submissive to her.

This made her mother to take the long awaited action and packed her belongings from the house but he never allowed her to take her daughter.

Less than two months his new wife saw hell and she also ran away.

Damilola When asked how her father started sleeping with her, she said it was immediately after he sent his new wife away.

She said she was sleeping on the couch when her father came home very drunk at night and had to rape her when she was just 11 and ever since then he’s been sleeping with her.

She said her father open a store for her in front of the house so she will be available anytime he wants her.

It was a bitter experience for her as she doesn’t have any friend and confidant so she was submissive.

On why she had to kill her wicked father last on February 7, 2020.

She said “I met a new male friend Kehinde last year December during the festive period I fell in love with him and told him all my stories. He told me I have to run away that all what my father has been doing to me was evil and I should expose In to the world which I believed and told him I will never let my Father sleep with me again.”

On that very day when she got home her father called her.

She refused her father that he was very angry and gave her a slap which didn’t go well with her.

He keeps dragging the young girl, she escapes into the kitchen brought out a sharp knife and stabs him repeatedly until she knew he’s Dead completely and ran to a nearby police station for help.

She’s presently in police custody as the police are trying to settle her down because she’s in a horrible state of mind and get in contact with her mother who now lives in Lagos.

She will not be charge to court because their community labeled her father a very wicked heartless and selfish man in the community and told the police all what the young girl said was absolutely true.

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