A 29-year-old Zimbabwean woman was arraigned before a local court for allegedly scalding her husband with hot water over toilet sex.

Talent Chinemwamwasa (29) of Nyamuseve village ,Chief Chipuriro Guruve was not asked to plead on domestic violence charge. She was  remanded in custody to February 24 as the State, being represented by Carson Kundiona opposed bail citing that complainant is still hospitalized and that accused could interfere with state witnesses.

the victim

According to court papers on February 17 the complainant, Last Muzeza arrived at his homestead around 11pm and figured out that his wife was not in the house.

He went at the back of the house where their toilet is situated and saw the door slightly opened.

Muzeza called his wife who shouted saying she was having a stomach ache, he then waited for a few minutes and heard funny noises coming from his wife and her boyfriend who were reportedly intimate.

It is further alleged that Muzeza advanced towards the toilet and his wife’s boyfriend bolted out of the toilet and fled in the dark.

His wife also ran away for a few minutes and came back hours later after he had reiterated to bed.

She knocked at the locked door and Muzeza told her to go back to her boyfriend.

The wife went into the kitchen and boiled water in a tin before seeking help from neighbours.

With the help of neighbours the wife came and knocked on Muzeza’s bedroom window which he opened and started talking to his neighbours.

While talking with neighbours Chinemwamwasa scalded her hubby with boiled water.

Muzeza sustained burns on the face head and stomach and is currently admitted at Guruve general hospital.

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