In a rather strange case, a senior citizen is claiming that his manhood disappeared 9 years ago after he dumped the married woman that he was seeing at the time.

Musafare Garutsa has unsuccessfully tried to have his ex-lover Chrystable Ncube arrested after for allegedly ‘fixing’ him by causing his manhood to disappear.

However, the police have said that they are unable to help and have since directed Garutsa to approach the traditional courts.

Garutsa said,

“My manhood disappeared after I dumped a married woman Chrystabel in Botswana where I am based and running my businesses a few kilometres away from Gaborone.

“The manhood started growing big after Chrystabel threatened to fix me over dumping her and she stole my undergarments and took them to a sangoma based in Marondera where her friend named Irene lives.

“I could not believe it and decided to consult medical doctors who said it was cancer but the problem was not solved considering the threats I received from the married woman.

“My visit to police was to make it a criminal case since traditional leaders could not hear cases involving blood but police are referring me back to them. I want Chrystabel arrested and to disclose what she used to fix me.

Chrystabel, on the other hand, is vehemently denying the allegations. While she does not deny that she once had a relationship with Garutsa, Crystabel insists that this was before she got married. She

“He called me accusing me of stealing his underwear but honestly I never took his panties as alleged and I had nothing to help him in connection with the disappearing of his manhood.

“…He might have bedded a married woman that is why his manhood disappeared saka handizvirambe kana kuzvibvuma zvekuti akashandisirwa mushonga nenyaya yepabonde.”

Garutsa did not explain why he is not listening to medical advice that he may be afflicted with cancer.

Source : mbaretimes

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