In a shocking incident, a woman has killed her one-and-a-half-year-old son in Kannur area of Kerala. The woman allegedly killed the boy on the insistence of her paramour.

Meanwhile, the police have arrested the woman’s 27-year-old lover for allegedly abetting the murder of the woman’s son.

According to a reports, the police arrested the man following his contradictory statements about the murder. However, the accused has maintained that he never asked the woman to kill her son.

Contradictory statements

The police also questioned the boy’s parents separately after their contradictory statements raised suspicion. The boy went missing from his home on February 17.

“In the beginning, the woman claimed that she left her son with his father on the night of February 16. However, she later confessed that she took the boy outside in the night and threw him between the rocks leading to his death,” said a police officer.

The victim’s body was later found between the rocks near the sea. The relatives of the boy had alleged foul play in the death.

According to the police, the post-mortem report shows the death was caused due to simple injury in the head.

Dispute with husband

Police say the woman had disputes with her husband and the couple was on the brink of divorce. The woman’s husband had lodged the complaint about the missing boy. He stayed at his wife’s house for the first time in the last three months.

The complainant told the police that the boy went to sleep with her mother the previous night. But the woman claimed it was she who asked her husband to take care of the boy.

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