A Nigerian clergyman has disclosed his intention to face coronavirus head on.

The man of God made it known that he intends to travel to China to battle the disease.

According to him, where there is a prophet, people would not die.

The cleric said the devil decided to strike because there is no prophet in China.

Worry has spread across several countries in the world since the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus. It got even more worrisome when the death toll began to rise in countries where cases of the virus had been recorded.

Although no case of the coronavirus has been recorded in Nigeria, a concerned man of God has taken on the mantle to personally wage war on the deadly virus.

A video of the clergyman identified as David Kingleo Elijah of the Glorious Mount of Possibility Church is now making rounds on streaming platform, Youtube

According to Elijah, he has taken the decision to travel to China in a bid to tackle the life-threatening disease.

“I am going prophetically to destroy coronavirus. I am going to China, I want to destroy coronavirus,” the man of God was heard saying.

Elijah noted that where there is a man of God, people would not die. He then proceeded to request the presence of 12 children to come and kneel in front of the church’s altar.

This was followed by the clergyman engaging in minutes of prayers and prophetic declarations.

He concluded his prayer session by noting that the devil has only attempted to wage war because there is no prophet in China.

Elijah, however, made it clear that he is a prophet in Nigeria willing to take on the battle against the deadly disease.

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