In Kenya, a 23-year-old woman stunned people on Wednesday when she attempted to sell her two children in a bid to raise Sh400,000 “to buy land”.

The woman identified as Teresa Mosan said she was overwhelmed by the economic burden of raising the children and the pressures of life and opted to sell her two daughters aged four and two years to raise money with an intention to buy a parcel of land.

Mosan said she had suffered with her four children as a single mother after their biological fathers disowned her.

She said all her children were sired with different fathers whom she met in different towns across the country.

“I have been through difficult situations with these children after siring them with different men and I have decided to sell the young girls for Sh400,000 and buy a parcel where I can settle with their male siblings,” Ms Mosan said.

The woman said she had been seeking assistance from well-wishers owing to her status.

“No one seems to welcome me anymore. I lack shelter and I have been living in makeshifts houses with the children, sometimes sleeping hungry. I would be very happy if I get someone to buy my two daughters,” she said.

According to Nairobi News, Mosan has since been arrested and will appear in court soon.

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