ZAMBIA –  Royd Chali in Zambia shocked his entire village in Chilonga Mpika after successfully impregnate 5 government workers in a space of three years. He started with a nurse who took good care of him when he was admitted in Chilonga Mission hospital in 2015.

After being discharged from the hospital, he proposed her and impregnated her in 2016. In 2017 he impregnated another government worker, a teacher serving in remote area of Mpika. And now two female teachers are carrying his babies, one was expecting to give birth last December while the other one gave birth this February.

This is Royd Chali, a Grade 9 failure who has made it in life in his own way. But what has surprised many people is that all the 5 govt workers he has impregnated are very beautiful. Additionally, three of them including a nurse where already engaged to other working class men at the time Royd was making them pregnant. One had her wedding cancelled after she failed to abort his pregnancy and her fiance whom she had been refusing to sleep with on religious reasons discovered, a villager was the one doing it live with his wife to be. People, women can be useless for sure and any man who over trust them will one day die of depression.

Surprisingly none of the 5 women is ready to marry this man. They say he is illiterate so they don’t want to be embarrassed in presence of their friends and relatives. But Royd does mind and says he will get all his 5 children once they are 7 years old. “Kwena mwefumu nshayako kusukulu, buti ababomba banamayo balankabila nshaishiba nganiishi, Nefyakufwala ebanshitila”, (Sir, i have never completed school but surprisingly working class women die for me. I dont know why but even cloths its them who buy them for me)” he said.

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