Christian should be warned, the rapture will soon take place. The US has finally passed into law the Obama health care bill. The health bill which will require all Americans to be implanted with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip either on the forehead or arm, is widely believed to be a coded fulfillment of the mark of the beast (666) as predicted in Revelation 13:15-18.
The introduction of the Bank Verification Number (BVN) by the Central Bank of Nigeria, probably unknown to even the CBN is another great sign of the Anti-Christ. Just like the US RFID chip, the BVN is also connected to all the financial transactions of Nigerians. Today no body can open a standard bank account without a BVN number.
With the BVN all the financial transactions of Nigerians can be tracked and easily blocked most especially now that the economy is becoming cashless. This means through the BVN anybody can be banned from buying and selling. All these correlate with the biblical prophecy.
Today all financial institutions in the country reguests for the BVN number before undertaking transactions with anybody. The Anti-Christ, as predicted, is going to take over the Government. Then anybody that fails to receive the mark of the beast will not be able to buy or sell anything coupled with other brutal treatments.
Christians worldwide should wake up and prepare for the rapture as most of the end time prophecies have already been fulfilled. Don’t be caught unaware. Please share this massage to as many as you love. The end is near.

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