Public Appointments Committee is meeting Malawi Electoral Commissioners over the findings of the Commissions conduct in the May 21, 2019 elections following Constitutional Court’s decision to nullify the polls.

This morning MEC commissioner Bishop Mary Nkosi has been summoned by the Public Appointments Committee.

Bishop Nkosi has however conceded that the electoral body failed in conducting the elections and that they rushed in announcing results which were wrong.

“You have asked me if MEC failed in these elections, I will answer with conscious, yes we failed. The best way to handle the matter was to rush to court and seek extension of time for us to have time to investigate the Tipp-ex, alterations etc. However, we rushed announce the results which was wrong,”

Bishop Nkosi, has told the committee that before the elections were challenged, the Commission thought it had done conclusive work up until the matters were brought before the court.

She said the commissioners were also shocked that correction fluid, Tipp-ex, had been widely used to correct data.

In the wake of the Constitutional Court ruling that nullified results of the 21 May 2019, polls, PAC has embarked on an exercise of summoning MEC Commissioners to explain their role in the whole electoral process.

The court had admonished the Commissioners of failing to professionally manage the elections, something that has led to an uproar over the competence of the Jane Ansah led Commission.


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