Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC Chairperson Timothy Mtambo has said he will not apologies for calling Parliamentarians childish.

This follows Information Minister Mark Botomani Mtambo to a committee of parliament so that he should explain why he made the statement.

According to Botomani, the remarks are derogatory to the members of parliament whom he says deserve respect.

On the other hand, Mtambo said it is the parliamentarians who have to apologize to the grouping for protesting against the grouping.

Few days ago Mtambo and his team invaded parliament to follow the discussions of the house.

Their presence did not go well with the parliamentarians who started chanting against their (HRDC) presence.

After moving out of the house Mtambo described the acts portrayed by the legislators as childish.

Mtambo has since said that he will not stop going to parliament until the MPs pass the 50+1 bill.

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