Hubby Erects ‘Berlin Wall’ in Bed to Keep Distance Between Self, Wife


A Zimbabwean woman who has allegedly endured sexual starvation for a long time was left with no choice but to drag her husband to the court for denying her conjugal rights and abusing her physically and verbally.

A seemingly sexually frustrated Thembekile Moyo said her husband Gwinyai Musesengwe, a nurse was not only denying her conjugal rights but also complimented and proposed other women in her presence.

She said her husband, in a bid to keep a distance between them in bed, had created a “boundary” so that she doesn’t feel his body in an intimate way.

Moyo who was seeking a protection order against her husband described her sexual starvation and abuse she had been subjected to as follows:

“Gwinyai Musesengwe who is my husband and works at UBH as a nurse is physically, emotionally and verbally abusing me almost on a daily basis. He beats me up, he scolds me and shouts at me for no apparent reason. When I asked him not to harass me, he said I should not compare him with other men whom I’m used to.

“He also deprives me of my conjugal rights and he sets a boundary between us every day as we sleep. I am afraid that if he continues depriving me my conjugal rights it will push me to engage in extra-marital affairs, something which I believe is not good to do.

“He also isolates me socially, as he doesn’t want me to talk to my friends. He demands that I should stay indoors. Whenever my siblings phone me, he shouts as they listen claiming that they didn’t want me to get married to him,” complained Moyo.

She said her husband also took pleasure in humiliating her.

“He sleeps away from home. I also have scars on my head which I suffered as a result of his physical abuse. I am afraid that, if he continues, abusing me he will end up killing me. I have also suffered a heart attack as a result of his persistent abuse,” said Moyo.

Musesengwe, who apparently feared the humiliation of a trial, didn’t come to court to defend himself leading the presiding magistrate Adelaide Mbeure to grant an order in favour of his wife, in which she ordered him not to verbally, emotionally and physically harass her or threaten her in any way.

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