People in Phalombe  are worrying due to the disturbance on the provision of quality  education as some schools in the district are very closer to markets.

Nyambalo market  is one of the market that is located closer to a school, this market is closer to Chilayeni Primary school thereby compromising provision of quality education.

Education stakeholders in the disctrict said that they have been asking Phalombe District council to relocate some of its markets for years now.

According to Phalombe District council chairperson Fedson Thomas, said the issue will be presented to the council’s education service committee to map the way forward.

Phalombe District Education Network Chairperson, Vincent Thom, said the council should move in with speed in addressing the issue which has been discussed for years.

Thom said local community structures such as Area Development Committee (ADC) need to take a leading role to ensure that the market is relocated to another place, saying a beer drinking joint and a rest house are inconveniencing learners.

Education being a key to success it is also a key to development of any country .

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