Tension erupted at Catholic University on Saturday night as two females students were nearly captured by thugs.

The University Registrar, Francis Nkhoma said the two students went for a walk at around 8:00 p.m going towards the Oblates of Holy Family in the eastern direction of the campus when some men clad in black clothes and armed with pangas coming from the nearby bush started chasing them.

One of the Victims, Susan, Social Work student at the University, returned to the hostels and reported to fellow students who later reported to the nearby police.

The police and some security guards with students started fetching for the students in bushes around the school and later, the student was found unharmed but in a shock state.

“The thugs failed to capture me. They did not even touch me anywhere. When I heard some students calling my name, I came out through the window of the kitchen and surrendered myself to my fellow students. I did not use the door because I thought the thugs were still around,” she said.

The University thanked everyone who was involved in searching for the student.

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