NIGERIA- A young girl, aged 12 has been found with pregnant after sleeping with 4 men.

According to the source, One of  boys Yahya was confronted, he said he was the one who dated the teenage girl first but another customer Jacob snatch her from him, when Jacob was confronted, he said he had since stopped dating the girl and mentioned another person, who when confronted, mentioned another boy.

The mother, Memunat Adamu sells hot drinks and illicit drugs.

She confirmed that she slept with all 4 boys after the her beat her but  she could not actually tell who was responsible for it, some of the men  were tenants living in her mothers compound and other two were her mother’s customers.

Mrs Adamu suspected pregnancy after going by the symptoms exhibited by the teenage girl, who was sick for a while as she decided to take her to hospital after she fails to get well despite long period of self medication.

After she conducted some test, it was confirmed that she was pregnant. She took her to Imperial Hospital Kobala, where they revealed that she was carrying a four months old pregnancy.

The mother has asked two of the boys to leave her compound  but they are requesting for little period of time to secure another house.

The family hails from Kobala in Jigawa state.



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