The Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) would like to assure the general public
that the country has sufficient internal fuel stock cover, currently equivalent to forty-three
(43) days for Petrol and eighty-three (83) days for Diesel.

Further, MERA would like to inform the public that the country continues to receive Liquid
Fuels and Gas (LFG) from the ports of Beira, Nacala and Dar es Salaam without restraint;
and stakeholders in the fuel supply industry are alert to ensure an effective and efficient
response to any impending disruption to LFG supply.

Although Malawi has not registered any case of coronavirus, the pandemic necessitates
a strategic approach to be taken in the preparedness, management and recovery of a
potential fuels and gas supply disturbance.

It is in this light that MERA has activated the
National Emergency Response Plan and will proceed to work with the National Liquid
Fuels and Gas Emergency Management Committee and Operations Management Group
which are provided for in the Response Plan.

MERA thanks all fuel importers, transporters, oil marketing companies, retailers,
government ministries and departments, banks and all stakeholders for the great
coordinated approach that has been taken and resulted in our country having healthy fuel
stocks at a time that the world is under the coronavirus threat.

MERA will continue to update the public of the fuel supply situation in the country as and
when necessary.

Dr. Collins Magalasi
Chief Executive Officer
Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority

Tel: 01 774 103/ 01 775 810/812 Email:

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