Residents of Mpemba Township in Blantyre are under threat of suffering from waterborne diseases due to scarcity of potable water that has hit several villages in Traditional Authority Nsomba in the area.

Chairperson for Nankumba Community Based Organization (CBO), John Machika said Mwangata Village and those surrounding it drink unsafe water from open wells, which is posing a threat to their health.

“Workers from Mpemba Health Centre dump used equipment such as bandages and syringes in the river which is connected to the well that we use to draw water for drinking,” said Machika.

One of the villagers, Ethel Maliro, who is over 60 years old, said since she was born, she has never tasted water from a borehole and tap water, adding the scarcity of potable water has been there in the village before she was born.

On his part, Ward Counselor for Mpemba Ward, Mussa Chikwakwa acknowledged the problem, saying there is indeed a big challenge of safe water in his ward and surrounding areas.

“Right now, we are negotiating with Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), the community and other stakeholders to complement the council’s efforts of providing potable water,” said Chikwakwa, adding that government needs partners to complement its development goals, which include provision of potable water to citizens.

Source : MANA

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