For some, money is not a problem, the problem is how to use it since everything has been done before.

If you can’t go to the Sin City of Las Vegas, then bring Las Vegas to your home, and what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, until it finds its way on social media.

In a series of videos which have leaked on social media and were seen by iHarare, a Zimbabwean car dealer and businessman, identified as Matthew Musengezi and his friends were filmed getting down and dirty with a bunch of females including social media personality, Sarah Sinclair and some other women.

The videos feature a party going on in the background as the men simulate se_xual acts with the ladies. The men unabashedly ask the ladies to flex while one the guys grabs the lady’s privates in the full view of the camera.

The more graphic video is a full blown se_x tape which features an unidentified female who is said to be a UZ student.

In another bedroom is a bunch of semi nude ladies with one of them engaging in se_xual acts with the man in the video.

Musengezi is no stranger to the tabloids, he once grabbed headlines as popular Star FM presenter Erica Ndoro’s beau.

The two used to be an item before breaking up and he is also said to have dated Ash Vee.

He was once dragged to court after being accused of defrauding a  Chinese national of $2 Million in a diamond deal however he was found not guilty.

Due to the Rather graphic nature of the videos which might be offensive to some, you can watch them HERE and HERE

All parties involved are yet to comment on the video

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