By Robert Kumwenda

Limbe Islamic Information Bureau National Coordinator Sheikh Ahmad Chienda has commended Mai Aisha Trust in conjunction with the office of Call and Guidance for organizing a journey for Muslim Sheikhs in Malawi to perform Umra prayers in Makah the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Chienda said apart from the Umra prayers the journey gave them an opportunity to participate in Dawah trainings, workshops and visits to some Islamic important sights.

“This was the first time for a Malawian delegation had gone and participate in this program run by the office of Call and Guidance in Makah,” he said.

The Limbe Information Bureau National Coordinator said they would like in a special way to thank Mai Aisha Trust for coming in to fund the journey and added  that they would also like to thank the office in Makah for providing accommodation, food and all logistics in Saudi Arabia.

“We would  like also  to thank Sheikh Bukhar of Bena Charity Trust for his support. As Limbe Islamic Information Bureau we have benefited a lot one for participating in Umra prayers. Secondly, for the lessons that we learnt through different esteemed Sheikhs and for having opportunity to meet big figures which is not easy,’ he said.

He further said that he had a chance to meet other people from other countries on the same program while learning their experience,” he said.

Chienda said to him as an individual it was a good moment because it has given him another view of doing things but also the bureau will benefit as they will be introducing some programs which they find to be relevant to the Muslim community.

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