By Orchestra Kamanga

The Parliamentarian for Chitipa East Constituency Kezzie Msukwa has promised people of the area that he will continue with tangible development like construction of bridges, bringing portable water, improving educational standards and improving health sector.

Speaking in an interview, Msukwa who is also Chairperson for Legal Affairs Committee in Parliament said he started developing the constituency since he was ushered into power in 2014.

“During my campaign period I assured people of the community that when voted into power, the area will be fully developed automatically.”

He said some of the programmes and projects will be targeted in educational sector like construction of school blocks and bringing in Electricity.

“In Health Sector I promised to build health Clinics in rural areas while in Agriculture I encouraged cotton farmers to sell their produce at higher price than before so that farmers should benefit from their farming activities,” he said.

Chitipa East Legislator further said he initiated K15 million water projects for rural community at Muwona with the constituency for portable water and construct more bridges.


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