By Robert Kumwenda

Nasheeds (Islamic Music) are popular throughout the Islamic World. The material lyrics of a Nasheed usually make reference to Islamic beliefs, history religion as well as current events.

Mudassir Ghumra residing in Limbe, One of Malawi’s Nasheed artist has described how he started reciting Nasheeds saying that it all started when he was young in the year 2005 at Madrasah Noor Islam based in Limbe,Malawi.

He also said he used to attend and perform in Islamic public services and functions in mosques as well as private gathering devotions where he was chosen as a volunteer to be part of those that were reciting Nasheeds and Islamic poems.

“Almost Every month, there were gatherings at various places and there was a variation of different Nasheeds that were recited by myself and my mates” he said.

Ghumra said Nasheeds are prayed without any sort of music and they are the praise of Allah, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, the companions of Prophet Muhammad and Holy Saints and Illustrious Teachers.

“Madrasah Noorul Islam students and l were trained by qualified teachers at the Madrasah to recite Nasheeds in different tunes and various ways.

It was a mixture of English, Arabic and urdu Nasheeds. This is to engage with a wider audience so that they can connect to the Almighty in whatever way they feel best”

He said he has lost count of the number of young Muslims that have been trained here at Madrasah Noorul Islam to recite Nasheeds and till date from a very young age are being trained with so much devotion and enthusiasm.

The Nasheed artist said Nasheeds are rewarding and educational, so it is beneficial in its own ways as the one who is praying and listening are both rewarded. It is also a way of fulfilling what people would like to listen to in this day and age.

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