A lady is crying out for help over the kind of  treatment her husband gives her since she got married to him.

According what She wrote, the husband has refused to let her go out of the house for two years simply because she can’t speak good English.

I need advice on how to handle this delicate issue of mine. I was married to my village by a wealthy man. I was only 16 when we got married.

My husband since we got married has refused my coming out of his compound. He says I can’t speak good English and read and write.

He enrolled a lesson teacher for me and now I can read and write perfectly well only that my intonation is still very local according to my husband, not that I can’t speak good English.

Over six months now I have a good understanding of perfect English language and yet my Husband still won’t let me out.

I have never gone to the church neither have I attended a function. He does not even care if I am going alone or with him.

I am presently bored with the marriage and seek a divorce. Please, I do not know anything about the law or have a lawyer friend.

How do I go about it?

Thanks, Cherry

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