Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) through its newly elected Chairperson Reverend Patrick Semphere, has asked Malawi police Service (MPS) to act independently and not save any political party interests.

MHRC has joined other groups condemning the arrest of 3 Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) leaders.

“We do not accept habitual arrest, that is against our laws, and this matter specifically you are aware that the police arrested the HRDC members, influenced by announcement made at DPP political rally in Njamba. In that regard, we think the police should act independently and professionally, that’s a mandate we have according to the laws,” he said.

Sembere added that he believe that the court will restore the rights of 3 HRDC leaders

National police spokesperson, James Kadadzera dismissed the claims saying the laws enforcers do not adhere to political instructions.

Timothy Mtambo, Gift Trapence and MacDonald Sembereka were arrest after DPP leader, Peter Mutharika, announced that he will deal with them.

The three, appeared in court and were given a bail.

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