Easten Cape,South Africa – Amid the COVID-19 break-out in South Africa a family in Eastern Cape, Sterkspruit, Jozana decided send-off one of their beloved in an odd way.

A man who was in his late 80’s was so attached to his Mercedes Benz that he made a weird plea of being sent off in his auto-mobile.

This has become a slowly growing trend in the world for the rich and famous who feel that certain assets are part of them.

But this is the first case in South Africa of a person who is buried in his car and it goes against Africans morals and cultural values of a dignified send-off.

Although some mourners who went to pay their last respects feel that the old man will rest in peace knowing that he’s doing so in one of his beloved assets.

Some have argued that the family will face wrath from the ancestors for adhering to such an absurd plea.

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