The present situation in the world right now calls for new ways of doing things.

Where being outgoing would normally be considered the more desirable way of living, staying indoors is now the saner, cooler thing to do.

And where employers would rather have everyone converge in a space to get stuff done, working from home has become the only sensible option in these times more especially to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

Now that many are working from home, it won’t be surprising to find people struggling to maintain the same level of productivity they’d have, if they were working from the office where remote work hasn’t gained much of a foothold.

But because we are all for your productivity, here is a list that would ensure that you are still crushing it and making a killing when you work from home.

1. Try not to work from your bed

That space is associated with sleep and lovemaking, not so much with work. It’d do you a world of good to keep it that way.

Create a work station in your home, no matter how small. A chair and a desk would do. Plus, working from your bed may not even be so good for you, posture-wise.


2. Work hours

Well, you may not have to work from 9am-5pm now that you are home. I mean, your time is a little flexible now, especially if your work is one that does not have to do with set deadlines and all.

Regardless, if you can complete all your tasks in five hours, then set those five hours and dedicate all your attention to getting work done in that period.

3. Simulate office routine as much as you can

You have a default work-mode, a game-face and work routine – try to stick to that as much as is practicable.

Have your bath, wear fresh clothes, prepare as if you are going to the office. Some say that works so well for them.

4. Switch off that TV

For the time you set to work, keep distractions at the absolute minimum. TVs and other modes of distraction will only take away from your concentration and results.

5. Don’t overwork yourself

We get it. You are passionate and hardworking and with all the extra time on your hands now that you are working from home, you may be tricked you into overworking yourself. Don’t fall into that trap.

You can create a healthy balance of extra work and extra rest with whatever spare time you have now that everyone is being urged to stay at home.

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