An Indian woman in Rampur village of Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh allegedly thrashed her daughter to death on Saturday.

The woman rained blows on her daughter allegedly after her husband refused to buy new clothes for Holi(Holi is a popular ancient Hindu festival). The accused woman has been identified as Pinky Sharma.

On Saturday afternoon, Pinky asked her husband Rahul to buy clothes for Holi. Rahul, however, refused to go for shopping and said that he was not feeling well.

Pinky allegedly lost her temper when Rahul refused to go out and thrashed her six-month-old daughter Soni. Soni could not survive the assault and she succumbed to her injuries on the spot.

Naresh Kumar Singh, Jawan station in-charge told The Times of India that the accused did not intentionally murder her daughter.

She said that pent up frustration and anger led to Pinky’s violent response. Allegedly, Pinky and her husband used to have constant arguments and the same could be a reason behind the sudden outburst of anger.

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