A Nigerian woman was left heartbroken after she found her on death certificate inside her husband’s car.

The woman, a nurse by profession learnt of the news the time they were preparing to relocate to United State of America.

According to the woman, her husband, a medical doctor did the unbelievable of obtaining a death certificate for her only because he wanted to go to America with his 30 year old girlfriend.

“I am in a very sad mood, i feel being used an rejected, i feel so terrible, I am married with four kids and i always felt i am married to the best man in the world,” cried the woman.

The woman learnt of the sad news when she took he husband’s car to fill a gas cylinder and found her death certificate inside the car in an envelope.

“In the form, my husband had said i am dead and attached my death certificate with our wedding picture, and the lady he wants to leave for the US with,” she said.

She added; “In the form he write all our children name and said their mother was late, i made a photocopy of all the documents and returned the originals.”

Sharing her story the woman said she nearly run mad upon realizing the news saying right now she does not know what to do.

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