People of Neno have asked government to consider constructing them a standard tarmac road in the district.

The people have worried that the current roasd is a threat to both people’s lives and agricultural activities.

Public Expenditure Tracking (PET) member, Benito Mpapa, says Neno is the only district in Malawi which has no tarmac road as such, this hinders there business and other activities in the area.

Group village headman Donda said the road which government is constructing was a path used by colonial masters in those days.

Councilor Biswus Maganga, said “it’s very unfortunate that the MPs do not come for meeting that is important for our development.”

GVH Donda said, Thoko Tembo, parliamentarian for Neno North opted to delegate rather than appearing himself in different meetings organized by the villagers.

Neno South lawmaker, Mark Katsonga says there was a communication gap between him and the organisers of the meeting, adding he’s always committed to improve the road network in the district, so that services are enjoyed by all.

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