By Robert Kumwenda

Renowned Blantyre business entrepreneur Donex Zimbulani shares the views of those that are suggesting that presidential elections should be shifted to a later date due to the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Zimbulani who is the owner of Donz Engineering said what is important now is saving lives saying that we should not wait for more people to get infected or die before taking appropriate action.

He said during voting process people gather and queue in large numbers and there is a possibility that those who are infected can spread it to others.

“If we are talking about the laws they can be changed and reviewed by parliament because they were made by Malawians,” he said.

Zimbulani said people should not politicize this issue because politicians will need those that can die to vote for them adding that only those that are not sick are the ones who can vote.

In a related development, Unandi Banda Executive Director of National Elections Support Trust (NEST) also said that elections be suspended for the same reasons.

Meanwhile, Ethiopia has become the first country in Africa to suspend the elections that were supposed to take place in August because of the increased number of people that are infected with the Corona Virus.

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