Janet Jackson recently joined millions of celebrities across the globe, who have through multiple social media platforms, to encourage peeps to stay home during the lockdown.

This comes after many countries around the world have enforced physical distancing and self-isolation in the effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

In a deleted Twitter post, the American singer shared a meme of the former South African President Nelson Mandela standing inside a prison cell, simply captioning the image: “In isolation for 27 years. No family, luxuries, phone. Just hope and a vision. We can do this.. #StayHome.”

Seemingly, Jackson’s tweet didn’t sit well with some, while others defended the singer saying that she meant no harm in using Madiba’s image.

“It’s actually less then that, people don’t know that Mandela was moved into a guest house in the late mid-80s, some 10 years before his official release, this means he spent almost 10 years leaving under house arrest with family visitors and ANC negotiators, “ tweeted @C_Massala, in response to Jackson’s post.

Another Twitter user @njabzin01 commented on the post, she wrote: “So you’re telling me Mandela had a choice to leave Robin Island? 🤔

Another user @IamB29 added: @njabzin01 @JanetJackson According to sis over here, he absolutely did.”

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