Information reaching Faceofmalawi indicates that Civil Servants, who are not providing essential services, have been ordered to operate from home with immediate effect.

This comes as government continues to outline a number of measures meant to contain the spread of Covid-19.

Chief Secretary to the Government Lloyd Muhara has confirmed of the development in a statement made available to FOM’s reporter.

The public servants working from their homes are asked to remain within their work locations as they can be called for duties at any time.

The Chief Secretary further says all government vehicles that are not in use during this period should be parked and relevant keys be handed over to the Office Superintendent.

The Chief Secretary in his circular CS/S/001 dated April 20, 2020 further says all vehicles that will be in use during this period should have written authority issued by Controlling Officers.

Controlling Officers are also urged to ensure that necessary security is provided at their offices during this period.

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