A lot of thing is going on in social media these days. Since everyone is home and have time to chat and catch fun online, it has been about catching fun and getting entertained on social media.
These days, what we see on social media is challenges upon challenges. From wife and sidechick challenge to push up challenge, now the recent one is pillow challenge. Ladies are really catching fun online and at the same time, entertaining themselves and the men as well.

Meet Cynthia, a medical student. She’s pretty and curvy. In fact, her natural endowment is causing confusion on social media.

Cynthia is one Nigerian lady that is not really known but has got what some ladies pay to have. Her curves are natural.

No one sees her without looking twice. She’s pretty and adorable and most men can do anything to be with her. She’s an to some ladies because of her endowments.

Nigeria is blessed with curvy women like Cynthia. I know lots of men would be praying to have someone like Cynthia in their lives.

Is she your prayer too?

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