Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Member of Parliament for Lilongwe City South East, Ulemu Msungama has accused the special Cabinet Committee on Coronavirus of spreading lie over person who died in Kaliyeka that he tested positive to COVID-19.

On Wednesday, Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Health Dan Namarika announced the death of a third Coronavirus patient at Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) in the capital Lilongwe.

According to Namarika, the deceased also spread the virus to three people in the area.

Yesterday Chairperson of the special cabinet committee on COVID-19, Jappie Mhango announced 10 new more cases on COVID-19 in Kaliyeka bringing the total number of victims to 33.

But writing on his official facebook page, Msungama expressed dissatisfaction over how the special cabinet committee on COVID-19 is handling the matter.

“I took a pause and decided to let the experts drive the narrative around Covid-19, and I was quiet, even though I saw that in Malawi, the fight against Corona sadly is being driven by a very bad political agenda on one side and a lackasdale attitude on the other side…and then the drama decided to appear in my constituency, and now I am compelled to say something because I cannot hold my peace anymore.

“Let me start my registering disdain, anger, dissatisfaction and complete dissapointment on how this government is confusing us by giving unsubstantiated and confusing reports on what has happened in Kaliyeka. Let me disclaim to the people of the motherland that this is a serious pandemic hence, this is not time for trival party politics,” wrote Msungama.

He added: “My little research with the Lilongwe DHO and the local clinic ( 24hour Clinic) where these people were alledgedly examined shows that no tests have been conducted and even the deceased, Mr Dudha, ( God rest his soul) was suffering from Asthma and not Covid-19. The contact tracing that was done also was rapidly and poorly done and apparently has shown that none of them are in fact sick. So it puzzles me how the Government machinery can rush to declare them Covid-19 positive and worse still elevate the national statistics, especially in Kaliyeka, Lilongwe. The fact is, there have been no tests, and as a result there is no outbreak in Kaliyeka. Mr Dudha’s immediate family members also confirm that he was asthmatic, actually from birth and died from an asthmatic attack.”

“I personally took the initiative and followed up with 24hrs clinic in Chilinde considering the fact that late Mr. Dudha was there recently and asked for the clinic to cease operations and further to that, all staff that had interacted with him should be tested, but though the DHO’s office promised to test them, but until now, nobody in that clinic is tested and the clinic is just operating normal.

“These very poorly administered and botched up cases cannot help but confirm my suspicion that the motive behind this hullabaloo is to scare the people in my constituency and the larger community registering and engaging in the upcoming fresh elections.”

“Trust me, I am not blind to the reality, Covid-19 is real and there are possibly many Malawians who are carrying the virus. This is not the time to create political fear and confusion. For crying out loud, please concentrate on finding and helping the people who are REALLY SICK and need real help, that is the least we expect from you our government, and while I hold the floor, let me also say, think carefully about the so called lockdown, close our borders, please, design a lockdown that will make sense for Malawi and protect us as Malawians from the disease and from hunger, and all the other pestilents that are relevant to us. Do that and mwina, tingakuwombereniko mmanja for once. Maybe your Covid-19 needs beefing up with professionals, CSOs, other parties to create a more inclusive and proactive committee.”

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