The World Bank pledged $160bn in emergency aid to help provide food and medicine as the virus spreads.

The Managing Director of the World Bank, Axel van Trotsenberg said coronavirus could wreak devastation on populations in the developing world.

Axel van Trotsenberg said poorer countries urgently need financial support to fight the pandemic.

Mr van Trotsenberg told Sky News’ US correspondent Amanda Walker: “The concerning part is in the poorest countries where health systems are very weak.

“In fragile states they are even weaker so this coronavirus can have a devastating effect on populations.

“They will be affected by the economic turndown but what you are going to see with the very poor is that they need food.”

Nearly 51,500 people have died from after testing positive for Covid-19.

The World Bank has said it is prepared to spend $160bn (£129bn) in emergency aid to help developing nations cope with the challenges they face as COVID-19 spreads further.

“There are huge challenges for the very poor to get even the basic needs after all, the poorest countries they represent a quarter of the world – 2.5 billion people,” said Mr van Trotsenberg.

Source: Sky News

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